Google Reader Says Goodbye July 1, 2013

Google Reader Discontinuation

Google recently announced its intention to discontinue Google Reader, its widely used RSS aggregation tool, as of July 1, 2013.

Backing Up Your Feeds

If you are currently using Google Reader, you’ll want to back up your feeds and data within the next two weeks.  In the Reader Help section of its site, Google provides instructions for exporting your data into XML format.

Possible Replacement Tools

There are a number of tools you might use to replace Google Reader.  Here are a few of the ones presently getting buzz and some bits of info from each tool’s website.


  • Multiple layout options
  • Auto-mark as read
  • Tagging
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple and social sharing options


  • Appears to be for iPhone/iPad only.
  • Not much information available on its site otherwise.


  • Contains functionality beyond an RSS reader.
  • Is more of a dashboard for apps, photos and social media feeds with reader capabilities built-in.
  • Syncs across desktop, mobile and tablet.

The Old Reader

  • RSS and social feeds reader.
  • No mobile app yet (but they say they are working on it).
  • Find and link to Facebook friends and Google contacts.
  • Multiple and social sharing options.


  • Web browser, iPhone and Android devices supported.
  • Ability to read content in context, on its original site.
  • Multiple and social sharing options.
  • “Train” it by hiding stories you don’t like and highlighting ones you do.

Other Tools

As mentioned, there are a number of tools out there.  If none of the above appeal to you, check out Nick Kellet’s crowdsourced list of Reader alternatives.