Featured Classes: Discovery Series beginning September 25

Broccoli haters welcome! At the Bayer Center, we realize that, like eating your veggies, not all nonprofit management classes are… well…appetizing, but are important! Join us for these free (!) morning sessions where we will focus on some nonprofit management matters that may not be as appealing as chocolate cake, but will give you the vitamins and minerals your nonprofit needs!  All classes are FREE, but registration is required. Call Shelby Gracey at 312-397-6000 or register online.

Discovery Series – Social Media Policies
Wednesday, Sept.25 from 8 – 9 a.m.

Social networking is here to stay and it is not a viable option for employers to ignore it in the workplace. Join us as we help you understand the ever-changing legal landscape that applies to this technology, and how to be proactive by having a well-tailored social media policy.   Instructor: Lisa Garrett, Cohen & Grigsby

Discovery Series – Retirement Bonanza: Is Your Nonprofit Being Left Behind?

Tuesday, Oct. 15 from 8 – 9 a.m.

In the past 15 years, the U.S. has experienced a dramatic increase in Defined Contribution Retirement Plans (401ks, 403bs, 457s, etc.). The number of participating employees, the amount of their contributions and total value of plan assets has increased steadily despite the recent economic downturn. Learn more about how nonprofits measure up against each other and their corporate peers, how future trends in retirement savings plans will impact nonprofits the hardest and what you can do to prepare for and prevent this impact.   Instructor: Rod Diaz, McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Discovery Series – Retirement: The Silver Lining Behind the Doom and Gloom
Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 8 – 9 a.m.

A lot of pessimism exists today about Americans’ ability to retire, yet thousands retire daily. How do they do it? A concrete plan, disciplined habits and self-education. This session will touch on the plan, the habits and the financial awareness needed to get to your vision of life after 9 to 5. We will talk about (and keep it interesting!) your post-career plan, saving and investing, estate planning, long term care insurance and social security, and building your financial intelligence. Bring your questions and concerns. Debbie is available to stay after the session to talk one on one with those interested about their unique issues and plan.   Instructor: Debbie Moses, McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Discovery Series – The Third Age: Harnessing Boomer Expertise and Energy
Wednesday, Dec. 4 from 8 – 9 a.m.

The Baby Boomer workforce has a diverse and profound expertise that, when utilized, is an invaluable asset. Creating volunteer opportunities that specifically target boomers is important for engaging this generation. Come and hear some success stories from ESC volunteers and volunteer managers successfully using this kind of partnership.
Instructor: Yvonne VanHaitsma, Bayer Center