Local Resources for Electronics Recycling

Recycling icon, with green arrows circling the planet Earth.With the new year pending, perhaps your organization has decided it’s time to clean out the closet, basement or other storage space where your discarded technology goes?

If you would like to recycle your org’s no-longer-used tech items, here are four Pittsburgh-based resources for doing so:

1) eLoop – an electronics recycling center that operates a collection system throughout the state of PA.

2) Operation E-Cycle – accepts donated equipment, refurbishes and redeploys back into the nonprofit community for free or at low cost.

3) Goodwill Southwestern Pennsylvania – actively solicits donations of “retired” computers from corporations, schools and other organizations, both large and small.

For personal electronics, Construction Junction offers free e-cycling for residential customers in collaboration with eLoop.

Finally, when recycling ANY electronics, always be sure to ask the vendor how hard drive or memory scrubbing will be handled. You want to be sure that your data is erased before the computer or device is refurbished and given to someone else.