Taming the Email Monster

An orange email monster baring its teeth.Are you a victim of the Email Monster?

  • Do you ever feel like you are losing years off your life from the amount of time you spend reading and responding to email?
  • Have you ever worked all day and felt like you accomplished nearly nothing because you couldn’t get out of your inbox?
  • Do you peek at email incessantly, even in the evenings and on weekends?

Email is a great tool for getting things done, but it can get out of control pretty quickly if you don’t have strategies for managing it.  Here are some great resources that can help you tame the Email Monster:

Book: Work Smarter, Rule Your Email1) Work Smarter, Rule Your Email, by Alexandra Samuel.  Newly released by Harvard Business Press, this book is a quick read with fantastic tips and strategies for managing your email.

2) Boomerang for Gmail. This plugin for Gmail gives the option to “boomerang” items back into your inbox on the date and time of your choosing. It also gives you the ability to send mail later (not a native feature in Gmail).

3) Unroll.me. This online tool provides the ability to unsubscribe from bulk and junk email easily and to roll-up selected e-newsletters into a daily digest.