Upcoming Fast Pitch event offers high-stakes excitement

For four years, nonprofits across the region have been laying their organizational souls bare in a three-minute Fast Pitch at Social Venture Partners’ annual competition.  At each Fast Pitch event, 10 nonprofits who have made it to the end get to Swim with the Dolphins (the nonprofit version of swimming with the sharks).  In front of an audience of hundreds, they compete for more than $30,000 in grants and consulting support as they tell their stories in no more than three minutes.

And for four years, the Bayer Center’s own Scott Leff and Jeff Forster have been an integral part of this event.  Jeff and Scott have been coaches for a competing team, served as a Judge, and even coached the winner — Global Links — in the first year of the competition.

In the words of Terri Glueck, Director of Communications & Community Development for Innovation Works, “It’s unique to hear the pitch of nonprofit ventures with urgent missions and heart-felt messages presented with a savvy business angle….If you want to see the power of how innovative thinking can impact our community, I highly recommend attending.”

This year’s Fast Pitch competition will be held the evening of March 6, and tickets can be purchased online. Come on out for a really fun night of networking and information.  Plus, this year Scott and Jeff will be competing against each other for the first time.  Whose coachee will win?  You’ll have to attend to find out!