Only a few seats left for Strategic Planning class on February 25

Strategic Planning: A Must in Turbulent Times
Tuesday, Feb.25 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Today’s nonprofit environment overflows with challenge, opportunity and change. Strategic thinking, an inspiring vision and carrying out a solid plan are vital signs for any nonprofit, large or small. With everyone’s time at a premium, creating the right strategic planning process for your organization makes all the difference. This full-day workshop provides an in-depth introduction to strategic planning and the opportunity to delve deeply into stakeholder engagement: a critical success factor in shaping and implementing successful strategic plans.

A fast-paced introductory overview sets the stage for understanding effective strategic planning. Content includes:

  • “Strategic Planning 101” – the key components for a great process and effective plan
  • Guided discussion to zero in on your organization’s aims for strategic planning
  • Options for choosing the right approach for your organization
  • A helpful checklist that clarifies important roles for board members, staff and consultants
  • An experiential strategic plan “launch” that produces energy and open minds
  • Tips for keeping a plan real and alive over time

The workshop continues with a deeper dive into stakeholder engagement, including:

  • Meaningful roles for internal stakeholders that build understanding and ownership for the plan
  • How to segment priority external stakeholders to be reached for input
  • How to balance the right mix of affordable research techniques to build relationships and gain critical input
  • Creating a draft core questionnaire for your organization to gain input across all stakeholder groups
  • Case study examples of analysis, reporting and how stakeholder input directly translates a completed strategic plan

Instructor: Gary Stern, Stern Consulting International
Fee: $125 ($115 if paid online) and includes lunch

To register, call Shelby at 412-397-6000 or you may register online.