What is “Cloud” Technology?

Ideal IntegrationsThis article is by guest author Valerie Levanduski of Ideal Integrations.  To learn more, visit www.idealintegrations.net.

“Cloud” is the latest buzzword around the computer industry. Cloud technologies are amazing solutions that can help any organization perform more efficiently and effectively.

Cloud technologies can provide many benefits to maximize your technology investment, including:

  1. Providing more manageable operations
  2. Lowering the overall cost of your IT infrastructure
  3. Faster project deployment
  4. Improving infrastructure flexibility
  5. Reducing maintenance costs
  6. Streamlining business processes

There are various types of cloud technologies to consider when taking a look at your organization. How do you decide which is right for your nonprofit?

  • VaaSVoice as a service (VaaS) technology centralizes your telephone infrastructure with a hosted voice communication system that allows for off-site disaster recovery and business continuity. Your team members can use the same voice communication foundation, whether they are on-site at your office, working remotely in the field or working at home. The technology works with hardphones, softphones and smartphones, giving you and your team flexibility and customization options.
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is for organizations that want some control over their software and data, but do not want to maintain any hardware. With IaaS, everything is managed by a vendor and you no longer need to own, run and maintain your own equipment for all of your storage, servers and networking components.
  • SaaS – Software as a service (SaaS), the software distribution model consists of applications that are hosted by a vendor and made available to your team over a network. This means that your applications can be accessed via a web browser, rather than your computer’s desktop.

The cloud is changing the way organizations approach technology and is emerging as a viable non-profit strategy. It is the next generation of data storage, software and IT infrastructure management. Regardless of the size of your organization, cloud technology can help everyone by allowing them to remain focused on the mission, rather than the IT infrastucture.

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