Summer Reading List for Nonprofit Techies

Hey, NP Techies! Looking for something new and geekalicious to read this summer?  Check out these titles below:

Managing Technology to Meet Your MissionManaging Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders
Edited by Holly Ross, Katrin Verclas and Alison Levine

Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission is a practical resource that will help nonprofit professionals make smart, strategic decisions about technology. The book shows how to effectively manage technology and offers practical advice for decision makers and staff alike who often have little or no experience with technology.

With contributions from the top experts in the nonprofit technology field, this must-have guide addresses technology planning and people. It includes the tools you need to get the work done, and the knowledge that will help you communicate better, evaluate technology investments, raise money, and more.

The Accidental TechieAccidental Techie: Supporting, Managing, and Maximizing Your Nonprofit’s Technology
By Sue Bennett

How to manage tech support (and keep your sanity!) One day you unjammed the printer and saved the day. But now, somehow, all technology resources have become your responsibility! The Accidental Techie shows you how to create a support system that will help your organization use technology more effectively and make your day-to-day life less hectic. Step-by-step guidance to creating an effective support system, this hands-on guide walks you through five projects that, when completed, will give you a comprehensive and usable support system for conducting a technology inventory, assessing and supporting staff, assessing and buying technology, protecting your organization from disasters and data loss, and managing your role.

Wired for GoodWired for Good: Strategic Technology Planning for Nonprofits
By Joni Podolsky

Wired for Good is a nuts-and-bolts guide to strategic technology planning for nonprofit organizations—no matter how large or small. This book leads nonprofits through a planning process that will help them align their technology use with their mission and strategic goals, determine what the appropriate technology tools are to meet those goals, and how the technology will be implemented and supported over time. This essential guide also shows how to win support for a strategic technology plan within an organization, evaluate a plan’s effectiveness, and help staff and other stakeholders adapt to the changes new technology will bring about.

The Networked NonprofitThe Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change
By Beth Kanter and Allison Fine

This groundbreaking book shows nonprofits a new way of operating in our increasingly connected world: a networked approach enabled by social technologies, where connections are leveraged to increase impact in effective ways that drive change for the betterment of our society and planet.

“The Networked Nonprofit is a must-read for any nonprofit organization seeking innovative, creative techniques to improve their mission and better serve their communities.”
—Diana Aviv, president and CEO, Independent Sector

Nonprofit Essentials: Managing TechnologyNonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology
By Jeannette Woodward

“Nonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology is a comprehensive work. Suitable for any size organization, the book is distinguished by its focus on ‘the human factor’ along with volumes of technology information. It should prove to be an invaluable resource for administrators, volunteers, and trustees who must ensure their organization’s effective use of technology.” —Richard F. Hobson, President Hobson Renaissance Solutions LLC

TrillionsTrillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology
By Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay and Mickey McManus

We are facing a future of unbounded complexity. Whether that complexity is harnessed to build a world that is safe, pleasant, humane and profitable, or whether it causes us to careen off a cliff into an abyss of mind-numbing junk is an open question. The challenges and opportunities–technical, business, and human–that this technological sea change will bring are without precedent. Entire industries will be born and others will be laid to ruin as our society navigates this journey.

Written by the leaders of one of America’s leading pervasive computing design firms, this book gives a no-holds-barred insiders’ account of both the promise and the risks of the age of Trillions. It is also a cautionary tale of the head-in-the-sand attitude with which many of today’s thought-leaders are at present approaching these issues. Trillions is a field guide to the future–designed to help businesses and their customers prepare to prosper, in the information.

The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital AgeThe Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age
By David J. Neff and Randal C. Moss

“The creaky wheels of the nonprofit industry are about to get the grease they need! The Future of Nonprofits combines twenty-first century innovations (social media, alternative currencies, digital channels) with enduring success strategies of the best nonprofits (hiring killer talent, structuring smart). Moreover, David and Randal lay out a formula for organizational innovation–the Holy Grail of the nonprofit world. This is the playbook every nonprofit soldier needs to make it in the Digital Age.” -Beth Kanter, coauthor of The Networked Nonprofit