ESC Volunteer Spotlight: Marlene Boas

Marlene BoasThis spotlight was written by guest author Chris MClure.

If you want something done, ask a busy person.

With a Ph.D. in psychology and board certification in coaching, Marlene Boas brings more than 20 years of experience to consulting. Her list of accomplishments include having her own practice as a counselor and consultant, creating two nonprofit arts organizations, and authoring and managing a multimillion-dollar federal grant. That doesn’t even include her volunteer work with the American Red Cross, Boardswork!, Executive Service Corps and the Volunteer for the Arts program.

With all this going on in her life, why did she choose to work with the Bayer Center? “It’s a good match for my skills and interests, with what I like to do. I like the variety and being able to help many different organizations,” Boas says.

Some of the Bayer projects she has worked on are Allegheny CleanWays, the Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition and Amachi Pittsburgh (an organization that supports and mentors children who have parents who are incarcerated).

Sometimes miscommunications have unusual and humorous results. “The Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition sponsored a full-day workshop, and because the Bayer Center was involved with its inception in Pittsburgh, they wanted the consultants to attend the workshop,” says Boas. “What we didn’t realize until all the arrangements were made was that the workshop was in Harrisburg!”

Boas’ advice to those who are considering becoming a Bayer Center volunteer is “Just jump in with both feet! It’s such a great group of people to work with.”