Get the Best of the Basics!

Peggy Outon and Ray Frankoski bring you the best of the basics in high functioning boards and human resources.

HR Fundamentals
Friday, Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. – noon

Make sure that you are getting the best from your staff, while complying with the various state and federal regulatory requirements. This session will cover positive incentives, performance reviews with related development plans and dealing with performance issues. We will also provide participants with the essentials for an effective and complete employee handbook, and review the dos and don’ts for employee interviews. We will also highlight a number of other workplace HR nuts and bolts.

Instructor: Ray Frankoski, ESC Volunteer
Fee: $65 ($55 if paid online)

Boardsmanship Basics
Monday, Oct. 27 from 1 – 3 p.m.

While this class is called “basics,” we’re invested in seeing that boards are high functioning engines of opportunity for their nonprofits. We’ll provide an overview of effective nonprofit governance including role clarity, what is expected of the board by each other as well as the IRS and funding communities, how best to compose a new or revitalized board, statement of expectations, and board evaluation.

Instructor: Peggy Morrison Outon, Bayer Center
Fee: $40 ($30 if paid online)

Register online today or call Shelby Gracey at 412-397-6000.