A few minutes of your time will save $175!

Take the 2015 Wage and Benefit Survey

Many of you are used to free access to the Wage and Benefit Survey of Southwestern PA Nonprofit Organizations through the United Way website. This year, access to this information depends on your participation in a way that has never been true before.

In order to continue offering this resource, we are now charging a modest fee for the completed survey results. Your participation not only helps the nonprofit sector as a whole, but allows your organization to purchase the survey at a greatly discounted rate….$175 off!

Purchase price for 2015 survey without participation: $250
Purchase price for 2015 survey with participation: $75

The Wage & Benefit Survey of Southwestern Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organizations has been a trusted resource since 2000. It has provided the most current data about regional salary and benefits needed both for valid decision-making by nonprofit executives and for 990 compliance.

We have a comprehensive record of the progress made by our nonprofit employees in salary and benefits over the last fourteen years. Your willingness to provide information has made this sector-wide resource possible. Additionally, it sparked the 74% Pay Equity conversation resulting in greater equity for women and men in the regional nonprofit sector.

Begin the survey now on our SSL-encrypted survey site, to ensure your data is safe! The survey link includes helpful supplemental information on the first page which includes:

1. An Excel file for the compensation portion
2. A PDF list of jobs
3. A PDF list of job descriptions
4. A PDF survey glossary

The submission deadline has been extended ONE LAST TIME to Friday, January 23. All information is held in the strictest confidence, viewed only by our independent consultants. Questions? Contact Carrie Richards at richardsc@rmu.edu or 412-397-6008. If you are NOT the party who should complete the Wage & Benefit survey, please forward to the appropriate person in your organization. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the nonprofit sector and your participation in this important survey.

Horovitz Rudoy and Roteman, Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors