Cool Tech Tool: Ez Texting

Ez texting - sms marketing made easyIf you’ve ever wanted to incorporate mass text messaging into your programs or events but weren’t sure how to pull it off, try Ez Texting.

Working from your Internet browser, you can send mass text messages (SMS) or mass multimedia messages (MMS) to your stakeholders, constituents, attendees, etc.  There are a variety of pricing plans, including a free plan that permits 500 messages a month!

Worried that you don’t have enough cellphone numbers in your database?  Ez Texting also has signup widgets that you can incorporate into your website, Facebook or Twitter pages.  There’s a signup plugin available for WordPress and an iPad signup app too.

In addition to sending messages, you can conduct polls via text messaging and view the results in real time.  For example, the Bayer Center used this service to have our audience vote on their opinion of the proposition at The Great Debate, and then announced the results live so we could see if anyone’s opinions were influenced by the event.

You can give Ez Texting a try at: