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On Tuesday, April 14 many of you came to our Great Debate.  For those who came, I hope you enjoyed the perspectives of our debaters, moderator and Master of Ceremonies.  There were several important points made…nonprofit jobs are as challenging and demanding as any job, fairness is a first principle for every society, inequity erodes morale…equal pay for equal work is the law, yea several laws!, of the land.

To all these things, I say Amen.  But I also say, Enough!  It is galling to me that we continue to need to have a debate on equal pay and especially in the nonprofit AKA social justice sector.  I am completely unwilling to see younger professionals work under the yoke of inequity.  The 74% cannot wait the 44 years that the Women’s Institute for Policy and Research estimates it will take for pay to be equable at the current rate of change.

NonameYour contribution to our Indiegogo campaign is putting your money where your mouth needs to be. This is a campaign of hearts, minds and good data!  We need to continue our research and to publish a book which will draw on many perspectives as we have throughout the 74% campaign.  We intend to include both the scholar and those who toil at nonprofits.  We’ll hear from corporate leaders about how they’ve made progress.  We’ll reflect on lessons and opportunities missed.

Help us be able to say with the poet Seamus Heaney:
“History says, Don’t hope/On this side of the grave/But then, once in a lifetime/The longest-for tidal wave of justice can rise up/And hope and history rhyme.”

Vote with dollars.  Vote for the 74%…make hope and history rhyme!