How to Increase Fundraising with Matching Gifts

By guest author, Adam Weingert, President of Double the Donation, a technology tool that integrates matching gift capabilities into online donation forms.

How to Increase Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Your nonprofit needs to raise more money, but you’re not sure where to turn. Should you seek more major gifts? Acquire new donors? Maybe you should reach out to some lapsed donors?

While the gender wage gap should have nonprofits feeling down, fundraising should be on the up. Current donors can give fundraising the boost you’re looking for thanks to matching gift programs.

Eligible organizations can receive corporate donations that double employee donations to nonprofits. It’s easy money, free money, and money that your nonprofit shouldn’t leave on the table.

What is a matching gift?

Matching gifts are corporate donations that match employee donations to eligible nonprofits. Gifts could double, triple, and even quadruple monetary donations.

For example, Jane works for Coca-Cola and makes a $100 donation to her favorite nonprofit. She submits a matching gift request to Coke, which matches employee donations at a 2:1 ratio. This means that Coke gives two dollars for every one that Jane gives, so Coke gives a $200 donation to the nonprofit. This triples Jane’s $100 donation to $300, so the nonprofit receives three times the support.

The most common matching gift ratio is 1:1, and most companies have minimum and maximum donation amounts.

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Why do matching gifts matter?

Free money! Companies want to donate to nonprofits. Yes, matching gift programs are one of many strategies that employers use to build employee loyalty, but they also want to support the local communities where their businesses thrive.

Not all donors work for matching gift companies, but many do, and each one of these donations can be doubled. Keeping track of matching gift eligible donors is easy when you use a CRM. It’s important to know who gave, how much, and when, so you can craft more personalized fundraising pitches in the future.

The impact of matching gifts is easy to see. Receiving $6,000 instead of $3,000 is a big difference, and receiving $100 as opposed to $50 on multiple $50 donations can add up fast to give your nonprofit a much needed boost.

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How can you land more matching gifts?

Acquiring more matching gifts entails a dedicated effort to marketing matching gifts.

A lack of awareness among donors is one of the top reasons why nonprofits fail to acquire more matching gifts. Many companies do a poor job of advertising their corporate giving programs, so it’s largely up to nonprofits to remind donors to seek out matching gift opportunities.

Some of the many ways to market matching gifts:

  • Add matching gift appeals in your donor acknowledgement letters.
  • Post about matching gifts on social media.
  • Form a culture of reminding donors about matching gifts throughout your organization.
  • Incorporate matching gifts into your direct mail strategy.

A great way to focus matching gift marketing is with help from prospect research. Your nonprofit can learn who donors work for, so you can target your matching gift appeals to eligible donors, as opposed to wasting time and resources on anyone and everyone.

Matching gifts are out there, and most donors don’t even know. That’s why you need to promote.

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There are a ton of ways that your nonprofit could increase fundraising, but there’s only one way to get free money that companies want to give you. Start talking to donors about matching gifts, and raise easy money to help your cause today.