Our new catalog is finished and registration is open!

cover_SmallOur new catalog is finished and registration is open!

If you are one of the many nonprofits experiencing financial strain due to the lack of a state budget, we are happy to welcome you to our classes and put off collecting payment until after a budget is passed. We do not want this current lack of resources to prohibit you from furthering your professional development.

Please call or email Carrie Richards at 412-397-6008 or richardsc@rmu.edu if you would like to register for an upcoming class, but need to defer payment until after the budget is passed.

Excerpt from Peggy’s letter in the 2015 fall catalog:

I admire and appreciate the hard work that Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership is doing on political advocacy. As I write, once again, our human service agencies are working without a state budget, working without a net. Being of our time too often means living with terrible uncertainty about our financial future. As a life-long ally of nonprofits, I call on our legislators to resolve this quickly and show appreciation for the citizens whose lives are touched by nonprofit organizations, dependent on government contracts. Those citizens are those served and those who serve, both paid staff and volunteers. These are the people who look in the eyes of those in need…they are the ones who have to turn people away for lack of resources…they are the ones who wake in the night, worrying about cash flow and lines of credit stretched to the max. And they are the ones who get up every morning and make it happen yet again. Is there not a way for human service contracts to be uncoupled from political wrangling? Compassion and responsible citizenship would argue that there must be. We join with our friends at GPNP in insisting that attention is paid to the human costs of politics.