Advice for New “Accidental” Techies

Cartoon about essential nonprofit techies skills, including flexibility, verbal proficiency, etc.

If you are managing tech at a nonprofit but that’s not the job for which you were hired and/or it’s not formally in your job description, you are likely an “accidental” techie.

Bagels & Bytes is a monthly meetup group for anyone interested in or working with technology in nonprofits. “Accidental” techies are very welcome there and find the meetups to be most helpful in learning their way around nonprofit tech. There are groups in three counties – Allegheny, Butler and Westmoreland. Learn more about B&B meetups here.

The Allegheny B&B group had a useful discussion at a recent meeting, in which the attendees answered the question “What advice would you give to a new ‘accidental’ techie working at a nonprofit?”

Here’s what the group said: