2016 Crossroads Conference is March 10

Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm at the Sheraton Station Square



In service of the Women and Girls Foundation’s (WGF) mission to develop women leaders, and timed to coincide with Women’s History Month in March, the Crossroads Conference focuses on connecting women to one another and to the community resources which can help further their professional careers and strengthen their personal lives.

Who attends this conference? Any woman who is at a bend in the road. Any woman who is grappling with a career-changing situation. Any woman who feels like life just punched her in the stomach. Any woman who has just won the lottery. Any woman looking to take a leap and not look back. All of us have encountered personal and professional crossroad moments – a time when we came to a fork in the road when we had to decide between two paths, two different potential directions to take our life, our love, our career. We have also each experienced the painful moments of being thrust into a crossroad – a diagnosis, a loss, a layoff, a move – that we could not have predicted or prepared for. We hope that this conference will create a community in which we can help women see each other as resources to help them navigate these moments and connect to resources in the community that can assist them at these times of contemplation and/or need.  Our inaugural conference in 2015 drew nearly 500 women from ELEVEN counties!

Our 20 speakers will represent women of all ages, races, ethnicities, income levels, career stages, and life experiences.  They will share – in just 5 minutes each – their own story, with the aim of inspiring others who are facing similar Crossroads.

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