Strong Girls And Wise Women: Sustaining Feminism For The Future

The annual Association for Women in Psychology Conference returns to Pittsburgh in 2016 on
March 3 – 6 at the Omni William Penn Hotel. Register today!

By drawing upon the legacy and energy of our feminist foremothers, we will explore the well-being of girls and women of all gender expressions and identities throughout the lifespan. From within a feminist psychological context, we will examine research, therapy, community work, activism and advocacy. Throughout the conference we will highlight the voices of those who have often been silenced, including girls and older women, and we will emphasize dreams, accomplishments, and wisdom. We will explore the lives of girls and women of varying cultural backgrounds, examining how our intersecting identities afford us different advantages and adversities. Join us for a celebration of our feminist foremothers’ victories for social change and a forging of new pathways for future generations of feminists, all the while recognizing the tensions that can arise when doing intergenerational feminist work. We seek to explore these tensions in a context that fosters growth and the development of mutual understanding. While we will focus on the lives of girls and women, we explicitly welcome all voices to the conversation, regardless of gender identity.

The Association for Women in Psychology was founded by members of the American Psychological Association in 1969. Frustrated with broader sexism in psychology, as well as within the APA itself, founders of AWP sought to respond to issues raised by the women’s liberation movement. For a more detailed history of AWP, please visit and explore Leonore Tiefer’s (1991) essay, “A Brief History of the Association for Women in Psychology.”