Office 365 for Nonprofits

Office 365TechSoup and Tech Impact are hosting a one-day seminar on implementing Office 365 at nonprofit organizations on Thursday, March 31, from 9:30 AM to 4 PM.

This is your chance to learn more about Office 365 for nonprofits – what it is, how the licensing works, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and what it takes to implement it. Nonprofit staff can learn more about why nonprofits are choosing Office 365, how it’s saving them money, and how to successfully implement it.

IT staff and consultants will have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks about implementing Office 365 at nonprofit organizations. Everyone will have time to ask questions and learn more about the benefits for nonprofits.

Topics will include:

  • Cloud based services: what they are, advantages and disadvantages
  • Office 365 overview including the various components so you can better understand what they are and how you can use them
  • Information on different implementation strategies and resources
  • Technical deep dive for IT folks to learn more about how to best implement Office 365 for nonprofit organizations

Register today  

(Please note, the Bayer Center is unable to accept registrations for this event.)