Volunteers Needed: Skills-Based Volunteer Consulting Project Advisors

Are you looking for a volunteer responsibility that champions meaningful relationships with the community at large? Do you have clear communication skills and a working knowledge of both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors? Consider becoming a Skills-based Volunteer Consulting Project Advisor for the Bayer Center!

Skills-based Volunteer Consulting (SVC)
…is a specialized program of the Covestro Employee Engagement Institute at the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management of Robert Morris University that encourages a sense of community, engagement, and innovation between corporations and nonprofit organizations. Consulting teams of three to four employees are trained to apply their professional competencies to a specific challenge facing a nonprofit. The trained team then works with a chosen organization and addresses or solves the issue.  They help a nonprofit have the right information and tools to make good decisions.

SVC Project Advisors
…are Executive Service Corps (ESC) volunteers who provide management, consulting, facilitation, training, and team advising. For one SVC project, they give 30 to 40 hours of volunteer time over a four-month period, managing the team of employees, serving as translators between the nonprofits and corporate teams, troubleshooting during projects, refining project development, encouraging regular and clear communication and ensuring deliverables.

Volunteer Skills
…are specific for this position and project. They include:

  • A working knowledge of both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors
  • Project management
  • Clear and regular oral and written communication
  • Ensuring timely and complete project deliverables
  • Defining meaningful and attainable scopes of work
  • Revision of scope of work if needed

Project Advisor Commitments
…are ongoing, but project-based. They include a meaningful relationship with the community at large. As a project advisor, you will:

  • Complete a volunteer profile and skills survey
  • Attend “How to Become a Consultant” training
  • Shadow an active project advisor for one project
  • Commit to up to two SVC projects annually
  • Attend each project launch and celebration to which you are assigned
  • Attend at least one nonprofit site visit per project

Project Areas
…vary per organization. Their needs, combined with the skill sets of corporate employees, develop targeted solutions for scopes of work that focus on:

  • Marketing plans
  • Financial analysis
  • Market research & planning
  • Process improvement
  • Facilities and operational management
  • Tool creation & data analysis

If this unique and rewarding opportunity interests you, sign up for one of our upcoming ESC New Consultant Orientations on our website. Questions? Email Jennifer Brown at brownj@rmu.edu.