STEM Volunteering for the 21st Century

Check out our partners at Covestro in the Huffington Post spotlight with an article written by our board chair, Rebecca Lucore, pioneering skills-based volunteering in creative ways across the globe. The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management is excited to help bridge local nonprofits and corporations like Covestro in the movement toward powerful social impact.

headshotSTEM Volunteerism For The 21st Century
Rebecca Lucore Chief of Staff and Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, Covestro

With all props to Jane Austen, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that people need purpose in their lives and want to feel part of something bigger than themselves.”

That is certainly true at the company I work for. Covestro is an innovation company built heavily on advances in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). More than half a century ago, our employees ushered in the employee-volunteers-in-the-science-classroom movement that has become so prevalent. Today, everyone’s doing “STEM.” And that’s a good thing. But when our employees first joined the movement, it was long before the acronym was even created.