Cool Tech Tool:

Are you stuck for color scheme ideas for an event flyer, website, newsletter?  Give a try!

It’s free to use, no signup necessary.  You can generate as many color palettes as you want or need, just hit the spacebar on your keyboard to generate a new palette.

If you need a color scheme to go with a known color (perhaps one sampled from your logo), you can enter a custom color and lock one or more of the colors before generating a palette.

For example, I started with the default color palette and changed the color chip on the left to bright green by entering the Hex number equivalent for that color:

Coolers example

Then I hovered over the Hex number on that color chip until a padlock appeared and clicked on it to lock the chip:

Coolers example

Then I hit the spacebar to generate a new palette:

Coolers example

And hit spacebar again to generate another one:

Coolers example

Try it yourself at