How Are You Taking A Summer Break from Your Tech?

This is an excerpt of a post by Beth Kanter on Beth’s Blog on June 27, 2016.

Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter

Last week was the first day of summer and it got me thinking about doing a digital detox.  However, Aliza Sherman and I were reviewing the final round of edits from our copy editor at Wiley for our forthcoming book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit, due out in October.  That task required a screen!

Now that task has been checked off my to do list,  I am ready to pay attention to technology wellness again.  The first thing I did was to take a walk at the Stanford Dish, a nearby nature hiking area, without my mobile phone.   It is a amazing how a short walk in the woods, a park, or other natural area can make you feel good.   And, ironically, the science to back this up also comes from Stanford University.

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