The 2017 Wage and Benefit Survey needs your participation!

Since 2000, The Wage & Benefit Survey of Southwestern Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organizations has provided the most current data about regional salary and benefits needed, both for valid decision-making and 990 compliance. Additionally, it sparked the 74% conversation resulting in greater pay equity in the regional nonprofit sector.

take-the-survey-300x210Your willingness to participate has made this trusted resource possible. Thanks to the generosity of the RK Mellon Foundation, the final survey results are available at NO COST for nonprofits who participate. The purchase price for non-participants is $200.

The submission deadline is Monday, January 9. All information is held in the strictest confidence, viewed only by our independent consultants. Questions? Contact Carrie Tancraitor at or 412-397-6003.

Begin the survey now on our SSL-encrypted survey site, to ensure your data is safe!
The link to the questionnaire supplies the following information on the first page:

1.  An Excel file for the compensation portion
2.  A PDF list of jobs
3.  A PDF list of job descriptions

4.  A PDF survey glossary

If you are NOT the party who should complete the Wage &Benefit survey, please forward to the appropriate person in your organization. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the nonprofit sector and your participation in this important survey.