Become Members of the Growing CIE Community

Start the new year fully engaged and ready with resources by becoming a nonprofit member of the Covestro Institute for Engagement (CIE) and participating in the following program(s):
  • BoardsWork! increases your board’s knowledge, skills, networks, and number
  • Skills-Based Volunteering expands your organization’s capacity to tackle a technical or operational challenge
CIE is a collaboration between the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management and Covestro LLC, connecting the purpose and mission of nonprofit organizations with the skills and talents of business professionals. Its programs like BoardsWork! and Skills-Based Volunteering provide nonprofits with opportunities to effectively focus on challenges and implement sound solutions, while businesses exercise active social responsibility through employee engagement and development.
Watch our video (developed by Martha Rial Photo), contact us, and become a CIE member for a great value of either $250 or $500, depending on your organization’s annual budget.