Conversation, Camaraderie and Coffee – panel discussions in March and April!

Conversation, Camaraderie and Coffee! Register online!
March and April are all about panel discussions! Join us on Friday mornings as we talk about how to better be fundraisers, advocates, corporate partners and more! Sessions are $40 each ($30 if payment is received online) or $100 for all four sessions. Our fifth and final session, “Creative Solutions” is FREE! What a great way to end each work week with conversation, camaraderie and coffee!

Working with Our Corporate Allies
Friday, March 10 from 9 – 11 a.m.

With an increased focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, corporations and businesses are more enthusiastic than ever to find nonprofit partners to create mutually beneficial volunteer opportunities for their employees. Let’s talk about the prospects for corporate volunteerism and how to make your organization a likely recipient.

Moderator: Lulu Orr, Bayer Center
Panelists: Vernee Smith, FedEx Ground; Sharon Cercone, PNC Bank

Engaging Mission-Minded Millennials
Friday, March 17 from 9 – 11 a.m.

The millennial generation, which now represents about one fourth of the US population, is reshaping the ways in which our communities operate. With millennials’ widespread renewed interest in service and community, as well as an “always on” and media-rich lifestyle, many nonprofits see opportunities to further their missions by engaging the time, talent and treasures of this well-educated and diverse generation. Join our panel as they explore innovative, Pittsburgh-tested strategies to activate millennials as nonprofit employees, volunteers, donors, and supporters.

Moderator: Evie Gardner, Bayer Center
Panelists: Meredith Grelli, Wigle Whiskey; Andrea Stanford, PNC

Working with Our Foundation Allies
Friday, March 24 from 9 – 11 a.m.

Generous gifts from foundations have often secured the future for regional nonprofits. But there are close to 8,500 nonprofits in southwestern Pennsylvania alone, and foundation leaders have to make hard choices and are challenged to make every dollar count. Come reflect with a few of our region’s most thoughtful foundation leaders about how they make those decisions.

Moderator: Peggy Morrison Outon, Bayer Center
Panelists: Carmen Anderson, The Heinz Endowments; Sam Reiman, RK Mellon Foundation; Jenny Kelly, Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Working with Our Policy Allies
Friday, March 31 from 9 – 11 a.m.

Many times, as work is done in the community, it becomes clear that public policy needs to change. Learn how to determine who can help, how they can help and how to make them want to help your organization in its effort to create lasting policy or legislative change. Join this dynamic panel of experts as we discuss advocacy efforts that work.

Moderator: Peggy Morrison Outon, Bayer Center
Panelists: Al Condeluci, CLASS; and John Lydon, Auberle

Creative Solutions (FREE SESSION!)
Friday, April 7 from 9 – 11 a.m.

Creative arrangements using barter and cooperative structures are seeing great success in our sector, and the opportunity for growth is ripe! Come hear from nonprofits that have come up with some unique solutions to everyday problems through partnerships that have had a lasting impact.

Moderator: Peggy Morrison Outon, Bayer Center
Panelists: Angela Garcia, Global Links; Jeffrey Dorsey, Union Project; Mike Gable, Construction Junction