Join the Dress for Success Global #OpenDoorProject

Let’s make sure all women have the opportunity to succeed. Join the Dress for Succes #OpenDoorProject by using your shoe as a pledge to keep doors open to all women. For 20 years, Dress for Success has empowered women to achieve their full potential. Together, we can open every door for every woman.

Please support our movement so we can empower more women together.

SNAP A PIC.Show your support for the movement by posting a picture of your shoe holding a door open, or a picture of you propping a door open with your shoe. Pick a shoe/door that is meaningful and unique to you.

THANK A SPECIAL WOMAN.In the post, thank another woman (or women) who opened the door for you in your career, tag her, and invite her to create her own Open Door post.

SPREAD SUPPORT FOR THE MOVEMENT.Encourage and support other members of your network to continue to empower women everywhere by donating to Dress for Success at

TAG US.Make sure to include @dressforsuccess and #OpenDoorProject in your posts.