What Now? How will the impending retirement of nonprofit leaders change the sector?

Retirement. The nonprofit sector stands at a precipice. The response of the community will shape the future of nonprofits. Are we ready to discuss hard questions of retirement and the treatment of the nonprofit community workforce? This pioneering BCNM project brings vital research, conversations and experts together to explore:

  • The ramifications of these retirements on the organizations that serve our communities.
  • The need for better preparation of the next generation of nonprofit leaders.
  • Ideas to improve the prospects for all nonprofit employees.

Take the journey through our research and follow nonprofit stories as the most seasoned leaders and staff members of our communities’ vital nonprofits move into retirement.


PDF iconRead our findings in a downloadable report  with portraits of six nonprofit leaders by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Martha Rial. Our research was presented on Friday, January 26 at a morning Leadership Briefing for nonprofit leaders.

White Paper: What funders are saying about retirements in the nonprofit sector

We asked 11 representatives of the funding community of greater Pittsburgh about this looming question–one of real significance to their core mission of investment in strong communities led by effective leaders. Together, these funders steward assets in excess of $7 billion. Read our downloadable PDF white paper on what these regional leaders had to say.