Volunteers: Enhance, Empower, Engage

Thursday, Nov. 29 from 9 am–noon with Stacy Bodow and Julie Strickland-Gilliard, Global Links

For most nonprofits, the real challenge lies not in finding volunteers, but in keeping them. Volunteer engagement can be the key to making this link! In this session, we’ll explore how to:

  • Enhance the volunteer experience so that your volunteers enjoy their time with you and feel it is well spent
  • Empower your volunteers so they can take on important tasks that you need done and their time makes a real difference
  • Engage your volunteers in ways that speak to them and that help them feel appreciated, vested, and connected to your mission

Learn different strategies and techniques for achieving these goals, including focusing on why people choose to volunteer with you, storytelling, personalization, social media tools, and well thought-out systems.

Fee: $65 Register online today!