The 2019 Wage and Benefit Survey in the News!

The release of the 2019 Wage & Benefit Survey for Southwestern PA Nonprofit Organizations has received its fair share of news coverage. The new data was made public at the Leadership Briefing on February 1 to a full house of survey participants who eagerly discussed the results despite being greeted by a very snowy morning.

Dr. Carrie Tanctraitor chatted with KDKA’s Jon Delano on “The Sunday Business Page” on February 24.

Peggy Morrison Outon discussed gender pay disparity with KDKA News Radio host Lynne Hayes-Freeland on February 1.

Joyce Gannon covered the survey in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on February 1 with her story, “Women still face gender pay gap at Pittsburgh-area nonprofit firms.”

The 2019 survey is available for purchase. The cost is $200 for nonprofits with budgets under $2M, and $300 for nonprofits with budgets over $2M.  Visit our research page on our website to find out how to purchase the survey, and to see previous iterations of the survey for the last ten years.