21 Stars for 21 Years

“The people who have chosen to work in the nonprofit sector are its primary assets, the jewels in its crown,” says Peggy Outon, founder and executive director of Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management. “We have been clear since the Bayer Center opened for business that without friends and allies like these, we could not do our job.” 

Now the Bayer Center and the Covestro Center for Community Engagement honor 21 Stars who represent “literally thousands more who get up every day to see that our region is decent, just, kind and fair,” says Outon. Upon the 21st anniversary of BCNM, Peggy explains how a Blue Ribbon Panel helps us to celebrate two decades while shining the spotlight on nonprofit champions. 

21 Stars for 21 Years with Peggy Morrison Outon

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Dr. Edward A. Nicholson
Lucille E. Dabney
Tracy Certo
Evan S. Frasier
Dee Delaney
Michelle Rone Cooper
Lisa Scales
Marlon Ferguson
Marilyn Jenkins
Dr. Trisha Gadson
James V. Denova, Ph.D.
Jada Shirriel
Ray Frankoski
Carmen Anderson
Kevin Kearns|
Gregory R. Spencer
Dan Rossi
Cheryl A. Walker
Rebecca L. Lucore