Tracy Certo

Founder & Acting Managing Editor 

Pittsburgh native Tracy Certo has left no stone unturned to report what’s new, essential, and fun in the Greater Pittsburgh region. Her passion for the Burgh inspired NEXTPittsburgh, the area’s go-to guide.

Tracy is inspired by how the professionals in the nonprofit sector are “solving problems and getting things done to make a difference.” 

Among her many nonprofit role models, Tracy names just a few as “there are many more!”

  • “Peggy Outon [BCNM at RMU] who is the greatest storyteller in Pittsburgh. She has such a great style and charm and wit.” 
  • “A big fan of Janet McCall at Contemporary Craft who has done amazing things despite big challenges.”
  • “Diana Bucco [Buhl Foundation] who is so smart and pragmatic.”
  • “Heather McElwee, Pittsburgh Glass Center. is so good at so many things and keeps PGC in the vanguard. (‘I’m ‘Blown Away.’)”
  • “Lisa Schroeder who wowed me with her work at Riverlife and continues her great work at the Pittsburgh Foundation.”
  • “Leah Lizarondo at 412 Food Rescue is my hero.”

Wish for the next generation of leaders: “To go further, faster and to find ways to better collaborate.”

“Trace” starts her day with: “Coffee and more coffee with my favorite good-for-me cereal topped with blueberries — on my deck in the warm sun with time to read lots of news and views online…from all the local news to Morning Brew to the New York Times to Heather Cox Richardson.” 

To start or end of the day, she recommends more reading: 

“NEXTpittsburgh, of course!” The site motto, after all is like Tracy: “Pittsburgh born, Pittsburgh bred and focused on the city we love.”

But NEXT vacation? “My next vacation is to Alaska which will be the 50th state I’ve visited, a long-time goal.” 

NEXT goal: Visit 50 countries! 

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