Dr. Trisha Gadson

Macedonia FACE 

The motto of Dr. Trisha Gadson’s organization expresses her own professional mission: “We are servants of the community.” Its name further defines Macedonia FACE which grew as the Family and Community Enrichment Center outreach of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Since 1994 the faith-based nonprofit has supported the growth of healthy families, children and seniors and their communities. 

The 10th of our Bayer Stars, Trish is inspired by the nonprofit sector’s “strength of communities and families.”

Nonprofit role mode: “Saleem Ghubril, who serves with such grace and humility. I have such respect for his approach to service.” Ghubril is Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise.

Hope for future leaders: “My wish for the next generation nonprofit leaders is to create intentional partnerships with other leaders in order to make transformational change in the community that centers on racial equity.”

Grateful for: “My most valuable experience that helped to shape my leadership style was my graduate school program at Carlow University where I had the opportunity to fully examine the dynamics of servant leadership.”

Recommended reading: The Serving Leader: Five Powerful Actions to Transform Your Team, Business and Community by Kenneth R. Jennings and John Stahl-Wert 

Down time? “On my day off I like to read interesting books and watch good movies.”

Favorite breakfast: Blueberry pancakes and bacon

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Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center, Inc. (FACE)