Jada Shirriel

Healthy Start, Inc.

Improving maternal and child health is a heart-feit calling for Jada Shirriel. Through her work our 12th Star aims to lessen the disparities that lead to higher rates of infant and maternal mortality among Black women and babies. 

As a past participant of the program she now leads, Jada is passionate about addressing black maternal health through education, outreach, research and advocacy. She is also a certified lactation counselor and consults with nonprofits on capacity building. 

What inspires her in nonprofits: “The passion of the people working across different roles, at all levels and within organizations of all types and sizes. There are few bigger or more rewarding challenges than working in this sector.”

Nonprofit role models: “Too many to name, but I really admire the path that my colleague, friend and sister La’Tasha Mayes [Founder and Executive Director of New Voices for Reproductive Justice] has taken.“

Advice for future leaders? “My wish for the next generation of nonprofit leaders is that funders abolish funding impactful organizations and initiatives for any less than three-ear cycles.”

Advice to everyone: “You can never have too many mentors or other people invested in your success; be sure to pay it forward!”

Start of the day? Breakfast is my favorite meal, so there are too many things to name, but I love eggs and I love pancakes.

At the end of the day? Wind down with Pinterest or by falling into the rabbit hole of Youtube videos related to your favorite topic.

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