Carmen Anderson

Vice President of Equity & Research 
The Heinz Endowments

Leading the Heinz Endowment’s efforts to address social injustice and inequity in communities the foundation serves, Carmen Anderson applies her integrated responsibilities to benefit the region and the team on which she works. A primary focus is organizational development as it relates to diversity, inclusion and equity. In addition to the creation of guiding principles for the foundation, she looks out for learning opportunities for staff and grantees. While monitoring the field to identify best practices for improving the Endowments’ operations, policies and behaviors, Carmen develops strategic partnerships to advance equity in local communities. She spearheads the foundation’s implementation in its overall goals, communications, grantmaking and financial investments and also maintains a grantmaking portfolio in the Learning area primarily focused on family health and wellness, and holistic education. 

Prior to joining the Endowments in 2000, Carmen was the executive director of Healthy Start, Inc., a federal public health initiative to reduce infant mortality in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Carmen has received the U.S. Department of Human Services Commissioners Award for outstanding service in the field.

Previously the Endowments’ senior program officer for children, youth and families, Carmen assisted in the Endowments’ development of strategies to make inclusion and diversity a defining element of the region. Carmen says she is continually inspired by the “amazing people” of the nonprofit sector.

Recommendation for nonprofiteers for reading to kick off and/or wind down for the day: “Choose something inspirational and uplifting.”

Nonprofit role model: Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, “unwavering lifetime advocate on behalf of children and their families.”

Wishes for the next generation of nonprofit leaders: “Be strong and courageous, invest your life in something you believe in and take time for what you love beyond work.”

Favorite day off activities:  A country cottage, gardening or canning time with family.

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