William Stein

Consultant to Nonprofits

William Stein has applied his broad experience as a nonprofit director, board member, and consultant to many interim leadership roles for nonprofits experiencing organizational transitions. Over recent years, Bill has served as interim executive director for three vital nonprofits serving the Jewish community and the region–Rodef Shalom Congregation, Jewish Residential Services, and the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. His one year of service to each of these organizations provided important continuity during institutional recruitment for permanent executive directors. Before his nonprofit involvement Bill had a long career in for profit businesses; his focus on marketing including CRM.

“General Management and Operations are fundamental to any organization’s success,” says Bill, “but none of it matters unless one has identified and knows who the customer is and what motivates and benefits them.”

Bill served as Executive Director of Family Tyes, 2007-15. In addition to many board roles, he has served as a Board Member of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University. His work on many nonprofit boards has recently included service to Contemporary Craft.

“There is no greater reward or satisfaction than giving of oneself. To your family or to others,” says Bill, who continues to work with diverse nonprofits as a consultant.

What about the nonprofit sector inspires? “The dedication of the people and their deep connection with their cause(s).”

Nonprofit role model: “Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh because of their focus on mission, remarkable “product” and well developed and managed.” 

Hope for future nonprofit leaders: Adequate and predictable funding.

Recommended reaching: Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam

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