Become Members of the Growing CIE Community

Start the new year fully engaged and ready with resources by becoming a nonprofit member of the Covestro Institute for Engagement (CIE) and participating in the following program(s):
  • BoardsWork! increases your board’s knowledge, skills, networks, and number
  • Skills-Based Volunteering expands your organization’s capacity to tackle a technical or operational challenge
CIE is a collaboration between the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management and Covestro LLC, connecting the purpose and mission of nonprofit organizations with the skills and talents of business professionals. Its programs like BoardsWork! and Skills-Based Volunteering provide nonprofits with opportunities to effectively focus on challenges and implement sound solutions, while businesses exercise active social responsibility through employee engagement and development.
Watch our video (developed by Martha Rial Photo), contact us, and become a CIE member for a great value of either $250 or $500, depending on your organization’s annual budget.

New scholarships available to enroll in BoardsWork!

BoardsWork! is more active than ever! In the past few months, cohorts of PNC, Bayer and several other local business have been trained in effective nonprofit governance and are ready to be  matched with local nonprofits. An additional cohort of veterans will be trained this summer through a partnership with Leadership Pittsburgh’s Community Leadership Course for Veterans, aimed at leveraging the skills and experience of post 9/11 veterans for the betterment of the broader Pittsburgh region.

All of these newly trained board members (over 100!) will soon be matched with local nonprofits who are BoardsWork! Award Agencies, which means NOW is the time for you to become one! And if that were not incentive enough, there are currently two new scholarships available for nonprofits to become new Award Agencies.

The first is a unique opportunity exclusively for nonprofits serving children and youth that has been made possible through the generosity of the Grable Foundation. In order to be considered for this award, please complete the Grable Foundation Scholarship Application Form online and submit for review.  A limited number of scholarships are available.

The second is for nonprofits who focus on mental and behavioral health thanks to The Staunton Farm Foundation. Nonprofits who fit in this category should apply by filling out Staunton Farm Foundation Scholarship Application Form online and submit for review.

For questions about BW! or this opportunity, please contact BoardsWork! Program Director Lulu Orr at 412-397-6012 or