Evan S. Frazier

President and CEO, The Advanced Leadership Institute

The fourth of our BCNM 21 Stars began a new role in March 2021. Evan Frazier leads The Advanced Leadership Institute, guiding its mission to cultivate African American executive leadership and strengthen companies, institutions, and communities across America through a deliberate approach to corporate diversity. 

Frazier’s early vision led to the formation of The Advanced Leadership Initiative (TALI) in 2018 to build the pipeline of talented African American leaders in Pittsburgh. Under Frazier’s leadership as founding director, the initiative partnered with Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business to develop a signature program. In its third year, the Executive Leadership Academy is a world-class executive development program that prepares African Americans to contribute to their organizations — and the community – at the highest levels.  

Why the sector inspires him: “The passion to make a difference.”

Nonprofit Role Model: “Dr. Walter Smith because he not only demonstrated excellence in his work, but was driven to mentor other nonprofit leaders.”

WIshes for next generation of nonprofit leaders: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Recommended reading and what Evan might order for breakfast: Reading the daily newspapers with blueberry Pancakes, bacon and sausage

Advice for reaching goals: Follow the Frazier Formula for Success:  Success = Vision + A Plan + The Right Attitude 

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